The Shigematsu letters

Sunao “Steve” Shigematsu was a Canadian of Japanese descent and a member of the Vancouver Natural History Society. During the Second World War, Shigematsu was confined to an internment camp. Read the series of letters through which Shigematsu, John Davidson and the Office of the Custodian, Japanese Evacuation Section worked to entrust Davidson with Shigematsu’s butterfly collection.
The following text is a faithful and precise transcription of the original text and includes errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation present in the original.

Letter 1:

P.O. Box 297,
Raymond, Alta.,
March 22/43.

Prof.J. Davidson,

Dear Sir:

On leaving Steveston I left my butterfly specimens, a whole cabinet of them at Mr.Yoneda’s house but as I understand now, it has been transferred to No.I Storehouse in Steveston .

Since I value my specimens highly, I wonder if you could take care of them by storing it in your home or wherever you may think it is convenient.

You may locate my collection easily by getting in contact with Mrs.King, The Custodian at Steveston.

Waiting for your reply

Yours truly,