John Davidson — The Legacy of a Canadian Botanist

John Davidson (1878–1970), also known as “Botany John,” was a Canadian botanist, educator and conservationist who touched many lives through his teachings and public lectures.

His accomplishments include the creation of the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden, the University of British Columbia Herbarium and the Vancouver Natural History Society.

Expansive documentation of the life and work of this avid photographer and diligent record-keeper resides in the University of British Columbia Archives, the City of Vancouver Archives, the University of British Columbia Herbarium and the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden.

Read about John Davidson and his achievements, browse through over 5,000 digitized objects and dive into his work and presentations. The activities section will take you on a 1927 botanical exploration of Garibaldi Park and allow you to hand-tint some of Botany John’s digital lantern slides, while the learning aids will help you understand the technical jargon and provide helpful facts about herbaria and lantern slides. Explore and learn!

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